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Spektrum DX2E Transmitter

Spektrum DX2E Transmitter

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          The Spektrum DX2E Active is the next innovation in Ready to Run Radios. Jam packed with features and options not found anywhere else. Coming standard with the DX2e Active is an innovative Throttle Limiter Switch, giving new comers to the RC hobby an easy solution to help them grow more successfully while running their high powered RC Vehicles. Another feature included with the DX2E active is integrated AVC Gain knob, allowing experienced drivers to drift and power slide with the turn of a dial.

            The DX2E Active features a suite of upgrade options that allow the driver to actively upgrade their radio setup. For the Consumer looking to prove their Tenacity is the fastest at the track, there is the easy to install Spektrum Speedometer. Simply install the Spektrum TM1500 Telemetry module and RPM sensor and they are ready to hit the street and see the effects of their tuning and driving skill in real time. The Spektrum Speedometer features a large, brightly lit LED Display and one-touch setup button, used for displaying the top speed or speedometer changing settings.

         For those that require all the DX2E Active can offer there is the Spektrum Dashboard smart device app. Compatible with Android and IOS devices, Drivers will be able to simply add the Bluetooth Module, attach a device with the Smart Phone Mount, and evolve the DX2E Active into a full featured computer radio. The Spektrum Dashboard app boasts a large list of features such as; Model Select, Model setup options, and an intuitive Telemetry Display. (available in further updates of the app)


Key Features


Standard Features

·         AVC/steering-rate adjustment dial

·         Servo reversing

·         Throttle and steering trim dials

·         Travel adjust

·         3-Position throttle limiter (50% - 75% - 100%)

·         Low-battery LED indicator

Spektrum Speedometer

·         Large, Bright LED Display

·         Actively Displays Speed in MPH or KPH

·         Displays top speed at the touch of a button

Spektrum Dashboard

·         Display telemetry and adjust valuable settings right on your smart device

·         View your vehicle’s speed, rpm, temps and battery voltage in real-time*

·         Use model memory to save specific settlings for each of your vehicles (available in further updates of app)

·         Easily add and remove models from memory (available in further updates of app)

·         Make servo-travel and sub-trim adjustments(available in further updates of app)

·         Set custom throttle limits for the 3-position throttle switch (available in further updates of app)



Optional Accessories


Needed for Spektrum Speedometer

SPM6740 Spektrum Speedometer

SPM6742 TM1500 DSMR Telemetry Module

SPMA9560 Spektrum Brushless RPM Sensor with Bullets

-Speedometer Bundle

SPM6743 Spektrum DX2E Active Speedometer Bundle


Needed for Spektrum Dashboard

SPM6745 DX2E Active Smart Phone Mount

SPM6741 DX2E Active Bluetooth Module

SPM6742 TM1500 DSMR Telemetry Module

SPMA9560 Spektrum Brushless RPM Sensor with Bullets

-Spektrum Dashboard Bundle-

SPM6744 Spektrum DX2E Active Dashboard Bundle

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