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Dumas RC Submarine USS Bluefish Kit

Dumas RC Submarine USS Bluefish Kit

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                This is an Electric Powered, Radio Controlled                  
                  Dumas USS BLUEFISH (SS 222) Submarine Kit.                   
                   It is a dynamic diving submarine model.                     
                       Designed for advanced modelers.                         
FEATURES: Performed ABS plastic parts                                          
          Drive line hardware kit included                                     
          Step-by-step plans and instructions                                  
INCLUDES: Two 4.8V electric motors                                             
          One instruction manual                                               
          One set of plans (blueprints)                                        
          Vacuum formed hull, deck and motor mount                             
          Vacuum formed sails (1/96-scale), and yes all submarines have sails. 
          One stiff paper pattern                                              
          One clear plastic (.020" for rudder, forward & rear dive planes)     
          One decal set                                                        
REQUIRES: 1- 3-channel radio (Minimum)                                         
          1- 7.2V battery                                                      
          1- Battery charger for 7.2V battery                                  
          1- Electronic Speed Control                                          
          1- Hobby knife (No. 11 and No. 16 blades)                            
          1- Duco cement (see COMMENTS)                                        
          1- Pro thin CA glue  (GPMR6001)                                      
          1- Pro thick CA glue (GPMR6013)                                      
          1- Pro CA activator  (GPMR6035)                                      
          1- 12" ruler (HCAR0460 is an 18" modeler ruler)                      
          1- Silicone, non-corrosive Ultra-Gray RTV (see COMMENTS)             
          1- Polyester resin (purchase at automotive store)                    
          1- Sandpaper (60-80 grit), Medium-(100-120 grit), Fine-(220-440 grit)
          1- Paint brush (1/4", 1")                                            
          1- Acetone (purchase at hardware store)                              
          1- Clamp set                                                         
          1- File, 1/4" diameter                                               
          1- 24" long straight edge                                            
          1- Can polyester glazing putty (Bondo)(purchase at automotive store) 
          1- Soldering iron                                                    
          1- Harris Stay Bright Solder                                         
          1- 3/4" wide masking tape                                            
          1- Drill bit set (1/32nd (No.67) through, 1/2" diameter)             
          1- White lithium grease                                              
          1- Buckshot (No.4, .240-Diameter)(no more than 5 lbs)                
             (purchase at gun supply store)                                    
          1- Petroleum jelly (tube, Not a jar)                                 
             Clothes Pins                                                      
SPECS:    Length: 33"     (838mm)                                              
          Beam:    4"     (102mm)                                              
          Height:  3-1/2"  (89mm) (from top of deck to bottom of submarine)    
          Weight:  5 lbs (2268g) ready-to-run                                  
COMMENTS: Before you start any construction, Please Read The Entire Instruction
            Manual To Acquaint Yourself With The Building Sequence Of This Kit.
          Duco Cement: This is used to adhere plastic to stplasticyrene. It    
            sets up fast, but requires at least over night to cure thoroughly. 
            (purchase at a hardware store)                                     
          Silicone: This is used to seal all seams where there is the          
            possibility of water seeping in. It is also recommended to use     
            Non-Corrosive Ultra-Gray RTV Silicone by Permatex. Any gasket      
            style silicone will work, but make sure it is Non-Corrosive. A     
            large selection can be found at an automotive store.               
          Wood display stand shown with boat is not included.                  

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