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Dumas RC Sport Scale Akula Submarine Russian attack sub

Dumas RC Sport Scale Akula Submarine Russian attack sub

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           This is Dumas' Radio Controlled Sport Scale Akula Sub.              
                Designed from the Russian nuclear attack sub.                  
     This model represents a current AKULA class nuclear attack submarine      
as in service with the current Russian Fleet. The model includes details       
such as conning tower, periscope/snorkel/radar masts, cruciform tail fin       
including the pod on the upper tailfin that houses the towed sonar array       
which is a distinctive feature of current Russian attack subs.                 
FEATURES: Easy to assemble w/all neccessary running hardware for its single    
            screw drive line.                                                  
          Designed for pool use.                                               
          Enhanced building manual will walk you step by step through the      
            successfull completion of your model.                              
INCLUDES: All the molded plastic parts to build the sub, all running hardware, 
           building manual.                                                    
REQUIRES: One Dumas 2004 6V motor                                              
          One 7.2V battery pack                                                
          One ESC                                                              
          One Three channel radio with 3 standard servos                       
          Assorted building equipment and paint if desired                     
SPECS:    Length: 33"                                                          
          Width:  4" (the width of a ship is also called the "beam")           
COMMENTS: This is a DYNAMIC model,meaning it surfaces or dives via the action  
          of the bow and stern planes, not by flooding and emptying of ballast 
          tanks like a real submarine. It is intended for use in a pool or     
          other enclosed body of water to a depth of 3 feet (.97 meters)       
                                                                      9/25/2 lj
BOX DIMENSIONS:   10.88" W. X   4.75" H. X  38.75" L.
BOX WEIGHT:    4.78 LBS.


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